KART Juniper Essential Oil

100% pure essence obtained by steam distillation from fruits of Juniperus Communis.

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With its mild and penetrating yet fresh aroma, juniper plays as a natural cleansing agent, both internally and externally.

Helps in:

  • Fear / Trauma / Anxiety
  • Clean pores, glands / Oily skin / Hair Loss ••
  • Water retention / Cellulites / Varicose vein / haemorrhoids ••
  • Gout / Rheumatoid Arthritis ••
  • Menstrual pain / Menopause syndromes ••

•• Topical

Healthy Tips:

  • For urinary tract infections – Add 2-3 drops to salt then dissolve in water as hip bath.
  • To improve oily skin and body odor – Add 2-3 drops to cotton pad and apply on skin.
  • To reduce water retention or varicose vein – Add 6 drops to 10ml almond oil, massage the legs from ankle towards knee.
  • Blends well with – Cypress, Grapefruit, Lavender, Lemon.

**Not to be used during pregnancy and in those with kidney disease**