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100% pure essential oils of Juniper, Lemon, Cypress, Rosemary.

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With strong purifying and sebum balancing action, this blend is specially formulated for those who suffer from hair loss.

Helps in:

  • Stimulating follicles for hair growth ••
  • Premature hair loss ••
  • Greying of hair ••
  • Removing dandruff ••
  • Healthy and shiny hair ••

•• Topical

Healthy Tips:

  • For scalp care – Add 3-4 drops to argan/linseed oil and massage gently on scalp. Wash the hair with extra delicate shampoo after leaving it for 1 hour.
  • For Oily/dandruff scalp/bad smell – Add 2-3 drops to shampoo, then massage into scalp daily.
  • Hair growth – After shampoo, towel dry and massage 2-3 drops on scalp.
  • To improve blood circulation – Add 3-4 drops to almond oil and massage on the reflex points of feet