Natural Mint Essential Oil in a Glass Bottle with Fresh Mint Leaves


100% pure essential oils of Rose, Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Lavender.

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Like a dream catcher, this blend promotes deep sleep and helps to calm down one’s anxiety status.

Helps in:

  • Invoking positive thoughts & hope feelings
  • Boosting self esteem
  • Anxiety/ Stress/Sadness
  • Inducing sleep ••
  • Providing calming and soothing effects

•• Topical

Healthy Tips:

  • To reduce snoring – Add 1 drop on almond oil and rub at both sides of nose.
  • Positive energy – Add 2 drops on almond oil and massage on hand wrist.
  • For Good Sleep – Dispense 1-2 drops on handkerchief / tissue and put in pillow.