KART Sweet Orange Essential Oil (The Smiley Oil)

100% pure essence obtained by cold compress from peel of Citrus Aurantium.

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Sweet orange is like a burst of sunshine on a summer day, giving fresh and sweet tangy aroma. It stirs up both calm and joyful sensation helping in the mood enhancing.

Helps in:

  • Calming the mind / Mood lifting / Improving libido
  • Boosting appetite
  • Boosting immunity (Colds / Flu)
  • Constipation / Dyspepsia ••
  • Fluid retention / Obesity / Cellulite ••
  • Dull & oily complexion / Mouth ulcers ••

•• Topical

Healthy Tips:

  • Indigestion / Circulation booster – Add to almond oil and rub into the abdominal area to improve blood flow
  • As a room fresherner – Put a few drops of oil with water in a spritz bottle.
  • Blends well with – Cypress, Lavender and other citrus and spice essential oils.

**Avoid sun exposure after using**