Soybean Lecithin 300g/bot

Lecithin is an important ingredient in formation of cell membranes, nervous system, brain, heart, liver and other organs. Thus, it replenishes essential nutrients needed by the body.

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Phospholipid, essential fatty acids and essential micronutrient, Choline are found in lecithin and together, they act as:

  • Body cell guard
  • Blood vessel purifier
  • Liver protector

3-4 spoonfuls, 2-3 times daily; Half dosage for children

  • Add into milk/soymilk
  • To be eaten with yoghurt
  • Sprinkle over salad/rice/noodles/bread
  • Stimulates brain cell activity; enhances memory and concentration levels
  • Improves liver health; maintains normal liver function
  • Stimulates fat metabolism; purges excess fat and waste adhesion on the blood vessels
  • Breastfeeding mothers: Helps to prevent and resolve clogged milk duct. Makes milk less sticky and flows better
  • Those concerned about heart health and blood sugar
  • Those concerned about brain and liver health
  • Those who often dine out
  • Those who often consume fried or oily food
  • Smokers
  • Lactating mothers