The Most Common Skin Problems in Elderly

Your skin condition changes as you age. You might notice wrinkles, age spots and dryness. However all these are related to the dermal changes:

  • Thinner epidermal layer
  • A reduction in skin cell turnover
  • The skin’s limited ability to retain moisture

Skin Problems

skinproblems-4 Dry Skin
An uncomfortable skin condition marked by scaling, cracked/peeled and flaky skin surface. It may cause itchiness and inflammation (redness).
skinproblems-3 Itching
A symptom of skin irritation mainly caused by dryness, giving the feeling to scratch the affected area.
skinproblems-2 Age Spot
Large pigmented brown/black flat patches on skin and may appear mostly in sun-exposed areas.
skinproblems-1 Thin Skin (Easily bruises)
A condition happened due to elastin loss, thinning of subcutaneous fat layer and reduced normal insulation causing skin injury and cruises easily.