2019 Love Is Amazing Parents’ Day Promotion & Special Events are here!

We’re excited to announce 2019 Sunlight Pharmacy’s annual Parents’ Day event is ongoing now! Starting from May 1st til June 16th, 2019, we are excited to bring you with different kinds of activities to your loving parents. We have:

  1. Glucose & Cholesterol Screening
  2. Bone Density Test
  3. Body Composition Test
  4. Pulse Oximetry Test
  5. Skin & Scalp Analysis
  6. Healthy Food Tasting
  7. Neck & Shoulder Massage
  8. Skin Moisture Test

Plus, in order to bring memorable gifts for your parents during this time of the year, we have a variety of healthy, nutritional promotional products to choose from. Health is wealth, so are your parents. So don’t miss out on this special event!