Not Too Salty

Salt is everywhere. Sodium, the main component in salt, is naturally present in many foods. However, we still tend to use excessive salt when preparing food.


Do you know?

Recommended salt intake in a day = 1 teaspoon (5g salt)


Looks like it is impossible to exceed right?

You’ll be surprised to know the average sodium intake in Malaysians is 7.15g salt, which is 40% higher than the recommended intake.


If you think there is nothing wrong with eating lots of salt, think again!

You have higher risk of heart attack, heart failure, stroke, kidney disease, osteoporosis and even stomach cancer.


Are you one of the fans of a bowl of mee soup with cili padi and light soy sauce? Seems like you have exceeded the recommended daily salt intake!

Then what can you do to reduce salt?


If you practice less salt diet over a period of time, your taste buds can adjust to prefer less salt. Try and see it yourself!



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