Suuen Botanical Colour Treatment 200ml

Hair dye with natural plant extracts for safe and effective hair coloring. Available in 3 colors:
– 2N Natural Black
– 4N Choco Brown
– 6N Mocha Brown


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  • For best results, shampoo your hair twice before applying botanical colour. Blow-dry until hair is 70% dry.
  • Dispense proper amount into bowl.
  • Part your hair into narrow sections, apply botanical colour close to the scalp and comb through evenly to the hair.
  • Wrap with plastic film/wear shower cap. Warm hair with heating cap for 30 minutes / use hair dryer to blow with warm heat for 5 minutes. Then leave on for 40-50 minutes.
  • Rinse with water and shampoo thoroughly.


  • Use soap to remove colour stained on scalp or face.
  • Use SUUEN FIX for vivid colour by spraying evenly to hair right before applying botanical colour.
  • Cover grey hair with just 1 application
  • Reusable for multiple application
  • Ideal for root touch-ups
  • No more damaged hair after colouring