Suuen Fix 150ml

Premium Keratin Hair Essence.

A perfect spray essence for messy, frizzy or even natural curly hair. It acts as a hair treatment product to restore damaged hair keratin to healthy, glowing hair.

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  1. Simple hair styling: For messy and frizzy hair, spray SUUEN Fix after finish shampooing and style the hair fabulously with a hair dryer.
  2. Glowing hair after colouring: After hair colouring, rinse the hair with shampoo. Spray SUUEN Fix over and blow-dry the hair. It will ensure healthy hair and a perfect hair styling. Only after a couple of usage, the hair will get thicker and fuller.
  3. Bouncy hair: It will provide volume and bounciness to frail hair.
  4. Natural curly hair: Hair curls look more natural as damaged and frizzy hair that creates messy look has been repaired.

Containing unique ingredient, EL Keratin, it helps to boost hair volume as well as maintains the hair styling, forming the “memory shape” of hair. EL Keratin penetrates into hair cuticle when heated using nano conversion technology to ensure keratin absorption.