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Five Simple Steps to Lose Fat

Five Simple Steps to Lose Fat

Thinking of losing weight? Let’s change our lifestyle today!

  1. Stick to a meal schedule
    Our body will get used to the rhythm of eating if we have meals at the same time every day. Most people found that to know/expect their next meal time, it makes them a lot less likely to crave.
  2. Be active – Start small/light
    Take advantage on daily activities. For example, climb the stairs instead of taking lift. You can gradually further on with swimming or cycling. If you are already on exercise, don’t stress yourself working out for short time, try lighter exercise for longer time instead.
  3. Weigh twice a day
    Keeping track on your weight helps in controlling your amount of food intake. Most people found it useful in reducing appetite.
  4. Portion control
    Size and frequency matter. Increasing your meal frequency has a positive impact on your body composition — the requirement being that the meals must be smaller in size. Try smaller portions/eat fewer bites every meal, you can cut down at least 100 calories a day.
  5. Make favourite food healthier
    Add more fibre and cut down on “white” carbohydrates. Fibre helps to satisfy your hunger and changing white rice, for example, to brown rice reduces calories consumption. If you are a snack lover, try changing to natural snacks like nuts/dried fruits.


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